10 Sep 2017

How To Connect Internet In Computer By Using Your Android Phone

There Is Two Options To Connect Internet To Your Computer By Using An Android Phone

When we want to us internet in our computer then we thinks we have to buy Modem But we dont want to buy any type of modem. We can  use our mobile as modem

1. Wi-Fi Hotspot

Google Image
Wifi is the best option to use internet in computer by using mobile
You can easily open wifi hotspot. Just Follow the steps
1. open settings. 2. Go to Networks & Connections 3. select wifi hotspot 
4.set password as you want or not 5.On wifi hotspot

2. USB Tethering

Google Image
This is the 2 option to use internet in your computer if your computer hasn't support wifi
You need a data transfer cable or usb cable.
 connect your mobile and computer through  usb cable
Just follow the steps
1.Open settings. 2.Go to Networks & Connections 3. select USB Tethering
4. On USB Tethering
Enjoy Internet by using your phone

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