17 Sep 2017

Things You Need To Know About Apple Iphone 8 And Iphone X

Things You Need To Know About Apple Iphone 8 And Iphone X

1. Iphone 8 And Iphone 8 Plus

Google images

Google Images
     Apple's Latest launch is Iphone 8, Iphone 8Plus And Iphone X

Specifications Of Iphone 8 And Iphone 8 Plus

There is no major change in looks in iphone 8 Front Look. But On rear side there is glass finishing
  1. Both Iphone 8 and Iphone 8 plus Runs on Apple's IOS 11 OS. Iphone 8 has 4.7" Display where Iphone 8 Plus has 5.5" Display Both phones have Retina HD Display.
  2. Iphones 8 has 2 GB DDR3 RAM Where IPhone 8 Plus Has 3 GB DDR3 RAM.
  3. Iphone8 Has 12 MP rear camera And 7 MP front Camera Where Iphone8 plus has Dual rear camera fot potrait photography And 7 MP front camera.
  4. Both phones have Stereo Speakers


  • Iphone 8 Costs around RS 60,000 To 65,000
  • Iphone 8 Plus costs around RS 70,000 To 73,000

2. Iphone X

Google image

Google image
Iphone X is the Most Expensive Phone of Apple Company And It is the best phone Till Now


Specifications Of Iphone X

  1. The iPhone X features an 5.8 inch (diagonal) OLED color-accurate screen.
  2. It has 3 GB DDR4 RAM.
  3. It Also Runs On IOS  11
  4. It Has 12 MP rear camera And 7 MP front camera
  5. IPhone X has Additional features Wireless Charging and Face Unlock Security

Apple IPhone X Price in India is 

Base Model 64 GB costs around RS 90,000

TOP Model 256 GB costs around RS 1,02,000

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