26 Jan 2018

Adsense Account Disable होने पर क्या Type करे कि जल्दी Approve हो जाये !

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नमस्कार दोस्तों आज का ये लेख उन सभी के लिए है जिनका एडसेंस अकाउंट बंद हो चूका है ! तो वे लोग किस तरह से उसे दुबारा से चालु करने के लिए कैसे अप्लाई करे की फिर से उनका अकाउंट चालू हो जाये ! उनके लिए मैंने पहले से ही कुछ कारण लिख के रखा है की वे अप्लाई करते समय क्या लिखे की जल्द से अकाउंट चालू हो जाये ! 

My AdSense account was disabled for invalid click activity after one of my friends had repeatedly clicked on my ads because he thought he was doing me a favor. I never told him that I was making money through AdSense and he knew about the ads through his own personal experience. I sent in an appeal to Google but when I did I did not know about my friend who was clicking on my Ads so none of that relevant information was included in the appeal form. The appeal was not successful. After I was informed of the new info from asking around, I sent in a second appeal form and have not received a reply back. 
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1. I am confused because it seems wrong that I or anyone else can potentially shut down people's AdSense accounts just by clicking on their ads. Why should I be punished for something that my dumb friend did. I never told him to click on my ads and he did that on his own because apparently he thought he was helping me out. I am a publisher who has followed and kept to the Terms and Conditions and it really sucks that one persons actions were able to ban me from AdSense forever.
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2. I merely would like to know what my options are at this point.

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3. I also get the feeling that I would not be able to simply create another account. I read in the help forum that if Google recognizes that there is an association between your account and a disabled account that they will shut you down. If I am able to start a new YouTube channel with a new account I will but I don't want to if I pose the risk of being shut down a year from now.
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If anyone finds this post and can offer me some answers to the statements I numbered I would be very grateful. Thank you so much

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